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A new addition to the coltgames.com websites
Hello everyone,

I am here to announce the opening of another part of the coltgames.com websites. Namely Actiongames.coltgames.com

This website is dedicated to three things, mainly Action Games made with RPG Maker and Action Game Maker, Action Game Maker itself and Retail Action Games.

The main purpose of the site is to collect all the available storyline driven action games made for RPG Maker and Action Game Maker, on to a single directory/list. Each game is provided with an Actiongame Score, which measures a games "actiongame-ness", how much of an action game this game really is.

At the same time we are providing all information an downloads that are currently available for the recently released Action Game Maker. For those who are still unaware of this program; It is the next game maker program designed by Enterbrain, the compagny responsible for the RPG Maker series. This time arround it is 100% focused on the creation of action games.

Which is perfect for the type of game we here at Coltgames like to make.

Please check out the website and help us with completing the Action Game list.

Posted on 05 Mar 2009 by Colt

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