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Slight update
Hey everyone,

Despite dissapointing comeback from the players, this games has still been download about 120-150 times. And as an extra treat for those who actually managed to stick arround and play the game, here is a list of all the level codes so anyone can play any level they want. The last code is the ulimate unlock code that will unlock all levels, all weapons and all extra's available in the game.


2 - 9923
3 - 6156
4 - 9429
5 - 6517
6 - 5251
7 - 5574
8 - 8853
9 - 7110
10 - 1680
11 - 8564
12 - 2575
13 - 3488
14 - 9004
15 - 2430
16 - 1466
17 - 2829
18 - 3181
19 - 2029
20 - 7193
21 - 6285
22 - 2459
23 - 6433
24 - 5291
25 - 9211
26 - 3680

Enjoy and thanks for all the previous support.
Posted on 23 Jul 2008 by Colt

Heh, I loved the game. It kept kicking me off the game, and I had to constantly restart it to get to the end.
I really loved the bosses, especially the final boss, because it felt like a truly epic battle. Oh, and the entire "day off" levels were great.

One thing to comment though... ^.^ Sometimes I couldn't fully get through a couple levels because of the glitches. The entire enterouge(sp?) of codes is in the "pictures" folder. You can just look up the codes from there.
Posted on 07 Aug 2008 03:06 pm by Authorgunner

Thanks allot for the comment, I am very glad to hear you have enjoyed the game. The boss fights are the true fun factor in this game, they are always fun to do.

And yeah, you could indeed look up the codes in the picture folder. I'll post the entire list for people who don't know where/don't want to bother to find it.
Posted on 08 Aug 2008 08:03 pm by Colt

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