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World In Danger RELEASED!!
Yes everybody, today is the day that World In Danger is being released!

Get your copy right away in the download section. Be sure to first read trough the instructions on how to download, install and play the game.
The game is available in a High quality and a Low quality. This is done because of the large download size of the game. The high quality is a whooping 555mb, and the low quality a still impressive 367mb. The low quality version has reduced graphics and sounds, but feature everything the high quality version also has. So no matter what version you download, you'll get the full World In Danger experience.
To make it even easier for slow internet users to download the game, it is also available in multivolume rar archives. Creating ten 37mb downloads instead of one 367mb download.

If your still reading this (instead of downloading the game!) Look below for some never seen before screenshots:

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Still reading?! get over to the download section and download the game wink
Posted on 18 Apr 2008 by Colt

yup, i downloaded last night.
its worth the wait.
Posted on 18 Apr 2008 02:50 pm by doom

Posted on 18 Apr 2008 04:06 pm by thegrinch103

Posted on 18 Apr 2008 08:25 pm by Slimy the Slime

Sweet! I'll download it right away!

... This reminds me to get back to work on that beta for my own shooter-game XD
Posted on 19 Apr 2008 03:49 am by Ralph

I have waited for ever for this!
I downloaded the HQ Zip and guess what-
when I tried to extract it...
Is there some sort of password?
What should I do?
Posted on 19 Apr 2008 08:41 pm by Anonymous Colt Fan

omfg 555 megs!!!
This had better be worth it (tho I know it will be :D)
Good work Colt!
Posted on 20 Apr 2008 07:29 am by midgemaster

Arg... it only giving me 100 kbps :S

Ill go play through PTEI2 whilst its dowloading then
Posted on 20 Apr 2008 07:31 am by midgemaster

Thanks for the comment guys

@Anonymous Colt Fan
I have just downloaded the WID_HQ.zip that is on the download pages, and I can completely extract it without trouble. I think your download might have been corrupted.
Posted on 20 Apr 2008 09:16 am by colt

Zeker mooi man lang gewacht.
Graphics zijn ruig mooie cutscenes
Vet verhaal..
En stoere main char.
Gewoon 100% top
Posted on 23 Apr 2008 05:45 am by Juno

This game sucks colt don't even walk smooth.. The tutorial dialoges shut down after 10 mins...Can't that be really faster?
and the controls suck too 2/10 for the work u did the graphics are ok but the game itself really suck
Posted on 23 Apr 2008 05:57 am by Rajiyn

That really is the problem with the game. It's a love/hate game. People either love it or hate it. I, myself, love it. It's got its flaws, but I like it anyway.
Posted on 23 Apr 2008 08:27 am by Ralph

Colt this is a dissapointment.
PTEI 2 was amazing, then you come out with this?
The lag makes it almost unplayable, but i trusted that it would get better.
Then the Rocket boss battle is uncompletable! No matter which way you punch him, he gets knocked to the right, so he ends up going through the wall EVERY time.

Sorry, but thats just the way it is...
Posted on 23 Apr 2008 09:47 am by midgemaster

I see the game causes for much dissapointment. For this I am sorry.
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 04:31 am by colt

Yeah i waited so long for this laggy stuff...
Well hope PTEI 3 is way better..
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 01:43 pm by Rajiyn

Ik heb nu ook gespeeld en ja ik ben het eens het zuigt egt vreselijk de graphics zijn ok als ze snelheid hebben teminste...
Sorry hoor maar het w88 was egt tijd verknoeien
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 01:46 pm by Juno

I have Celeron 1.7 Ram 384.
When CutScenes Over there is
a message: Script is hangin.
And game has stop.
What is requipments of this game ?
Mabe someone should know this before
download ?
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 07:49 pm by Ron

Do any of you even read the instructions on the download pages or simply skip ahead. They are there for a reason. The instructions explain what requiremends your computer needs, how to handle Script Hanging Errors and how to prevent lag.
Read the instructions.
Posted on 24 Apr 2008 11:57 pm by Colt

THX but all advices does'nt help.
My PC is enough for this.
Game still does'nt work.
Even if i turn off other programs.
Must try sumthin else. Too long
wait for this game.
Posted on 25 Apr 2008 08:02 am by Ron

wow, WID is finally released :D
im downloading it right now
Posted on 16 May 2008 10:22 pm by drgn_lord50

Cool game, but I was a bit disappointed for the errors it had. Maybe you should try fixing them, if it's possible in RMXP.
Posted on 26 Sep 2008 03:20 am by ASM

The last half year of making this game was trying to fix the errors. The "Script is hanging" error is completely RMXP's fault and unavoidable. I am sure the same error will occur if you'd play a normal RMXP game for an extended period of time.
From what I can tell, RMXP overloads it's own memory/buffer and with each action taken in the game, the RMXP thinking speed slows down.
Until it is to slow, that RMXP takes to long to complete it's own default scripts and then considers the script "hanging".

Unfortunately there is very little I can do about this. Even reprogramming the game from scratch will still cause this error.

Sorry, but you'll have to wait alittle while until I remake this project with my own system as base. wink
Posted on 26 Sep 2008 06:58 am by colt

It lags a bit also on my PC, but the game itself is FABULOUS!

You are the best Colt!
Posted on 25 Jan 2009 09:06 am by Sergio Turbo

Hey Colt. Long time, no see. I'll be downloading this when I get home. I may tinker with my site a little to provide mirror hosting for your games and the RPG/Action Makers, if that would be ok with you. I remember I had provided a mirror in the past, and that webspace is just sitting there; might as well get some use out of it (and it will help me feel like an important person). Looking forward to playing this and anything you release in the future.

Posted on 16 Jul 2009 11:56 am by Posarius

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