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The beta testing has begon!
Hello everyone!

Great news! The game has been completed and is currently being beta tested for flaws, errors and improvements. All there is left for me to do is fix the flaws found by the beta testers, add the second main characters voice acting and the credits. And the game will be released!!

The voice actor of the second main character Rocket, called me yesterday after he had time to read the mail I send him. He was suprised to see the game completed (almost) and was very eager to do the voice acting. If all goes well, and his schedule remains the same, he'll be dropping by my place next saterday to do his lines.

We're finally here ladies and gentlemen, after two and a half years of work, the game is finally done! Expect to see the actual release in the upcoming weeks.

Textile Mint Nu!
Posted on 22 Jan 2008 by Colt

Awesome! I can't wait. I hope everything goes well with the beta-testing and voice acting. I can't wait to see what your next project will be. wink PTEI3 maybe?
Posted on 22 Jan 2008 04:43 pm by dethmetal

exellent colt well done. will be a great joy to play i cant wait smile
Posted on 23 Jan 2008 10:17 am by Codename_jamal

Sounds good! Keep us updated!
Posted on 23 Jan 2008 11:12 am by black_mage#1

Great!!! I am looking forward to play WID...

P.S. In what language is the last phrase???!!!
Posted on 26 Jan 2008 12:33 pm by Sergio Turbo

Thanks for the comments everyone.

The last phrase, it's in english, it's an anagram on "Until Next Time!"
Posted on 26 Jan 2008 05:38 pm by colt

Hooray. :o
Posted on 02 Feb 2008 03:03 pm by Slimy the Slime

Ik kan egt niet w88 man!Kom op!:P Maar wel goed nieuws
Posted on 09 Feb 2008 12:50 pm by Juno

Can't wait make it fast.
Posted on 21 Feb 2008 10:51 am by GO

wassat wassat wassat wassat wassat wassat wassat wassat wassat Its been a month of Beta testing and its stil not out yet!!!! I am checking this site every day since Jan 22. Can you PLAEASE finish!
Posted on 03 Mar 2008 06:27 pm by Anonymous Colt fan

Sorry for the delay, the beta testing is still ongoing. Some improvements have been implemented on suggestions from beta testers, and bugs have been fixed.
As for bugs, there is only one left I need to fix. Namely an important boss fight in the first chapter.

I'm also still waiting for my friend to stop by and voice act his character. Unfortunatly, working life is hard on him and he has little spare time.

Rest assured, not long now. Thanks for your patience.
Posted on 04 Mar 2008 12:56 am by colt

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