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1st testing phase completed!
Hello everyone (who are still visiting this site from time to time)!

Some good news, I've finished my first phase of testing the game. That means having completely played the game without major flaws from beginning to end (with some breaks in between, do to human needs like eating and sleeping laughing)
I do have to note that on a low to medium spec computer, the chance exsists that "script hanging errors" will occur. I did manage to prevent those from happening during actual gameplay, they might or might not occur at the ending of a level. After you receive the completion code, so all that is needed is to restart the game again and enter you newly earned level code.
I'm really sorry about this, but there seems to be no way to prevent these errors. Apearantly RMXP will simply overload it's own resources and basicly over thinks itself to an error.
But like I said, it doesn't occur allot anymore (at first they came after each level, I managed to limited them to occuring between 1 or 2 chapters.)

Allong the way of playing I've also come across some minor improvements that need to be done and some minor bugs to fix. Other then that the game is working perfectly. I'll first finish up the extra features that will be included in the game, and after that I'll send it to my testers to do the second testing phase.

Things are wrapping up everyone. Not much longer now, thanks allot for your patience.

Mile Intent Tux!
Posted on 17 Dec 2007 by Colt

That really sucks about the end of the level error, considering my computers specs are really shitty. But oh well, good idea on using the completion codes though!
Posted on 17 Dec 2007 05:13 pm by dethmetal

Can't wait Colt!
Question, how many diffrent computers did you try playing it on? :]
I'm not worried about the errors because my computer is pretty nice.
Can't wait for this man, almost time for you to unleash the biggest game made on RMXP.
Posted on 17 Dec 2007 05:32 pm by N.Snake

I've tested it on 3 different computers.

#1 - 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4, 1024MB RAM.
#2 - 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Pentium, 512MB RAM.
#3 - 1.5 Ghz Pentium 4, 512MB RAM.

The best results and smoothest gameplay was achieved by the 1.5 Dual Core Laptop. With the longest time without any "hanging errors" of over three chapters.

It is pretty surtain you'll encounter one of these errors trough out playing the game. But what is also 100%, no 1000% surtain is that it will not occur during gameplay and only after you receive the end level code.

It is something really bad I know, but it seems to be the limit of RMXP's processing power. This always happens, I make a game that the game maker itself can't seem to handle.
I've got a few more ideas to either prevent or further limit these errors, and I'm even sending a help request to Enterbrain (Compagny that translated it).
Posted on 18 Dec 2007 02:17 am by Colt

Oooooo the wait is almost over the game will soon be realesed :)
Posted on 18 Dec 2007 10:06 am by codename_jamal

Colt, I can't wait to play it myself, all the way from begining to end, and let you know what a master you are! smile
Posted on 20 Dec 2007 12:19 am by black_mage#1

How long ? I can't wait.
Posted on 17 Jan 2008 03:20 pm by Edzio

Hey Colt! Great to see things are coming along! I have been so stumped with my own life that I haven't got a chance to continue with the Beta-Testing. I assure you that my review will be up as soon as possible! Just keep tight!
Posted on 21 Jan 2008 04:08 pm by black_mage#1

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