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World In Danger Update #... I forgot :P
Hey everyone who still accasionaly check out the website,

According to the statistics the most visited pages are the forums, but that was to be expected. Perhaps I'll have to look into intergrating a forum newsboard with the news index on the website(s). But that is for later on, now lets get to the update information.

It has been several weeks since the last update, this was caused by a major bug I found in the game. While test playing the game at allot of points, usually between level changes, the game got a error message and had to be restarted. Now this is ofcourse completely unacceptable, so it had to be removed. The first problem is ofcourse, what exactly is the problem. The error message didn't clearify more then "Script if hanging." Which I considered weird because I didn't have any custom Ruby Scripts for WID. Anyway, it took me these last couple of weeks to find and solve the problem. I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing from here on out, leaving only minnor errors or improvements to be done.

Be sure to check out the forums new theme, created by our very own Blackmage#1. (Who by the way is working on PTEI2.5 again... Go bm!)

Fino alla volta prossima laughing
Posted on 29 Nov 2007 by Colt

That must have sucked but atleast you sorted it :)
Posted on 29 Nov 2007 10:15 am by Codename_jamal

I really did suck! angry
Every time I tought I found the problem and fixed it, and then found out it didn't work... Again. Usually this resulted into looking up to the sky and yelling: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Atleast it's sorted now... Thank god.
Posted on 29 Nov 2007 11:25 am by Colt

Wow Colt, don't worry, every game has errors that need to be fixed. Many times, they take the longest to fix, but makes no changes in the game itself.

Ahhhh the joys of programming. Also, fixing the cutenews was easier then i thought. I found an extra php script showing the news, and that is why the comments were doubled. Easy to fix.

I can't wait to beta test WID, and for you to beta test PTEI2.5! Until then bro laughing
Posted on 29 Nov 2007 01:50 pm by black_mage#1

Don't give up, Colt!
I'm sure that you can make WID work!
After all, you made PTEI2, the best RPGMaker game I ever played!
And, of course, you are doing a great work with WID, i'm looking forward to playing it!

P.S. It's "fino alla prossima volta", not "fino alla volta prossima", but it still does not have sense in Italian... if you want to say "See you next time" or anything like that, it is "Arrivederci alla prossima volta"
I know it because I am Italian...
Posted on 30 Nov 2007 09:39 am by Sergio Turbo

Thanks for the support guys. And good news, the bug hasn't returned (and hopefully will not), enabling me to play trough the games levels without a hitch. By the way, I continue to be amazed at how well Chapter 3 worked out (the chapter I tested yesterday, and preformed without any bugs)... Even when me knowing exactly what is going to happen! I'm going to continue testing over the weekend and hopefully finish aswell (testing, not releasing mind you, testing)

@Sergio: I'll keep that in mind. I just want to finish each update with "until next time", only every time in a different method. I used normal english, l33t, dutch, german, french and last was italian... Since I don't speak the last two languages, I had to resort to babelfish.
Posted on 30 Nov 2007 01:16 pm by Colt

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