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World In Danger Official Website!
Hey everyone,

Welcome to the new official World In Danger website. The news archive has been cleaned to only inlcude World In Danger news. The other news mostly involved PTEI, either a spin off or 2.5, so those news reports can be found on the offical ptei website. Here: http://ptei.coltgames.com

Ofcourse the both sites use the same forum and polls. The looks aren't much different either, just another banner and a different colour scheme. Other then that, i've deleted the unactive affiliates.

Looks pretty good right? wink
Especially the splash page at the site entrance made by Blackmage#1 check it if you haven't already: http://coltgames.com
Way yo go blackmage#1, excellent work.

Jusqu' la fois prochaine
Posted on 03 Nov 2007 by Colt

Looks great!
That intro picture is fucking rad. :D
Posted on 07 Nov 2007 08:42 am by N.Snake

Definatly, that Blackmage for yah.
Posted on 07 Nov 2007 11:48 am by Colt

wow excellen work colt ur gaming network is expanding rapidly
Posted on 07 Nov 2007 03:04 pm by Codename_jamal

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