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Just to let you guys know...
We're still alive. I'm still working on the game at my own pace. Every single day I get work done on the game. One day I get allot of work done, another day maybe just alittle. One thing that is surtain is: There is process and it's almost done.

I can't give to much details on what exactly I am working on for the game. The last two chapters contain the main elements of the story and I really don't want to show any of it, before releasing it.

Thanks everyone for your support, I hope to complete the game soon and hopefully meet your expectation.

I tried to make a ingame footage movie and put it in this update, Unfortunatly I can't get a proper movie together.
Posted on 07 Oct 2007 by Colt

:) Can't wait colt.
This game is going to rock.
Don't worry so much about the movie right now. Just work on the game at your own pace like your doing. Then maybe when it's finished get a promotional movie made or something :D if that is even needed. I mean another game from colt should need no introduction.
Posted on 08 Oct 2007 01:41 pm by N.Snake

woooooo sunds good
Posted on 09 Oct 2007 10:47 am by codename_jamal

Yeah man, if the game is almost finish, finish it. Make a promo movie when it's done. And don't feel rushed or anything, no one likes a rushed game.
Posted on 11 Oct 2007 07:48 pm by dethmetal

I've been awaiting for new posts, finally I got something to read.
Posted on 12 Oct 2007 07:42 am by Elder_H@x

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