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Chapter 5 revealed
Once again hello everyone still watching the site.
Here is another update on WID. I'm glad to inform you that I've test played chapter 1 to 5 and 7. Which now work correctly in chronological order, selectable from the main menu, have the soundtrack added to the actual gameplay levels (chapter 3 and 7 also have the soundtrack in all the scenes). The weapon selection has been perfected and also has the limiter installed so you can't use an M60 machinegun in level 3 (You can after completing the game once wink ).

After playing trough these levels, I also found out I've been very mean when it comes to the ammount of ammo given to the player. Especially if you have level that exsist out of multipul parts, like level 8, which has 4 parts and only one weapon choice... Have no fear, I've added an ammo drop half way trough, depending on what weapon(s) you have. Like it will give you extra ammo if your holding a MP5 submachine gun, low on ammo, but not if you got a M202A1 Four-Barrel Rocketlauncher. Luckally this is the only point that needs such an ammo drop, for the others I've increased the ammo taken with the chosen weapons with an extra or in some occasions two extra clips/mags/box of shells/grenades/ect.
Be warned tough, If you waste all your ammo you'll have to continue on using the melee combat mode. So shoot wisely.

Here are some screens of Chapter 5 levels.
The first one shown an example of what kind of dillema's not enough ammo can't bring. Like having to fight Sony's latest console/mechwarrior with bare hands. Luckally, both Colt and Rocket can stand they're ground very well even when they are unarmed.

Click To Enlarge

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We also have a new affiliate, RPG Maker Palace . From there website I also found this website: Phanx Games
It also has the two PTEI games in it's database. It pretty cool because I didn't know of this websites exsistance, and now I see my and bmage's games there, with great reviews (most anyway).

+|11 n3><7 71|V|3! laughing
Posted on 20 Aug 2007 by Colt

Haha I remember I played the PTEI games ages ago. I think I was 14 or 15. I made a flash movie for this site if I recall. Weird to see it's still here.
Posted on 22 Aug 2007 06:35 am by Levi

goddamn colt!
the screenshots look amazing!

wait so how many chapters are in the game, 7?

about whats left to be done? :]
because im excited about WID!
Posted on 22 Aug 2007 09:32 am by N.Snake

Yep, we're still arround. And we're still making games. Well... atleast I am, bmage is focussing on his education.

And yes N.Snake, there are 7 chapters.
A total of 26 levels and 19 bossfights.

After test playing level 6, i'll have to add sound and music to the scenes (or no sounds or music, depends on the scene ofcourse. Chapter 3 and 7 are already done because I had a complete soundtrack ready.) Then there is the extra's. It's not much, but they include author comments (which can be turned on and be heard at surtain points in the game). Extra information on the enemies seen in the game and a couple of more features which I won't reveal.
After the extra's I'll have to beta test the game (myself at first). Make sure graphics allign, the guns make the right sound, the enemy has the right dead graphics, ect. Just make sure the game works and doesn't have bugs that ruine the game.
Then while letting it be beta tested, I'll finish the credit information, prepare a cool setup wizard like a real videogame (and ofcourse make sure the game is completely stand alone so you don't need RMXP).

Then I'll bring up a new website dedicated to World In Danger... and then I'll release...

still a bit I see.
Posted on 22 Aug 2007 01:21 pm by colt

=] alright man.
Its good to see that you're dedicated to your work.
This game is going to rock, keep it up!
Posted on 23 Aug 2007 01:49 pm by N.Snake

Oh my god, looks really cool!
2 chapters and extras, then WID ready :O.
Posted on 24 Aug 2007 02:38 am by AOH

Yessssssss looking great ma man cant wait for it to come out
Posted on 24 Aug 2007 11:14 am by Jamie

Are you still working on PTEI2.5?
Posted on 24 Aug 2007 07:15 pm by dethmetal

yah ive been wondering about that myself
Posted on 27 Aug 2007 12:17 pm by thegrinch103

PTEI2.5 is being done by Blackmage#1. But he's busy with his education, so PTEI2.5 is on hold for now.

Just be patient.
Posted on 27 Aug 2007 02:36 pm by colt

Hey Colt, just thought I'd drop by and say that WID is looking amazing. The screens are awesome, as always. :D Happy to be almost done?
Posted on 14 Sep 2007 04:55 pm by aoikiwi

Hey Aoikiwi, thanks for dropping by. And thank you for commenting on the screens (goes for everyone one, ofcoure).

And yes, it is almost done! I'm working on the extra's right now. The game itself is done, I've made sure all the levels work and apear in correct order with the right scenes. Some sceens needs some minor soundeffects to be added and some music. All the normal levels have a soundtrack and believe me, it rocks :D

Almost... I really am happy that it is almost done.
Posted on 15 Sep 2007 07:55 am by colt

Yay its almost complete cant wait
Posted on 16 Sep 2007 11:51 am by Jamie

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