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Some different gameplay features
Hello again, I'm back with some more updates on World In Danger. First of, I've got chapters 1 to 5 and chapter 7 working in sequence, with all the scenes and about 60% of all the right music added. So that's going pretty good.

And now for something new, namely the first screens of the working vehicle gameplay in this game. Previous once we're beta's, but this is the actual perfected design. The gameplay is a mix of realism and simplicity. The simplicity lies in the how you actual play, win or loose this game, the realisme in the car controls. Let me explain:

The car only goes one way (that is to the leftside of the screen) and the camera is fixed on the car moved alittle bit towards the left to better show vehicles coming the cars way. All the player needs to do is manouver trough traffic as fast as possible and avoid getting hit by other traffic. The manouverablility is limited to switching between the upper, middle and lower traffic lane. To win, you either need to catch up to an enemy your currently chasing, or create enough distance between the car and the people chasing the car. All in all very basic...
Controlling the car is a bit more like the real thing. There is a button for the gas pedal, the brake pedal and for swifting up/down in gears. These controls have major importance at the very beginning of the chase. You'll need to effectivly shift gears to gain as much speed as quikcly as possible (which you'll need to either get away, or catch up to someone with a head start). It's also important whenever you crash into other traffic. Hitting other traffic doesn't decrease the car's HP or something, but it greatly decreases it's speed. So you'll need to quickly down shift and regain your speed again.

Here are some more screens, these are again from the chapter 3 in Miami.

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge

till next time :)
Posted on 06 Aug 2007 by Colt

game keeps looking better and better :)
Posted on 06 Aug 2007 03:57 pm by jamie

omg this game looks so fun. Colt please release this soon!
Posted on 07 Aug 2007 03:14 pm by thegrinch103

Colt i made the Animation for you with the pokemon:Only got 1 question i really need to know what variables do
NL:Colt ik heb die animatie gemaakt die je beloofde.Maar hoe werken die variables?
Posted on 10 Aug 2007 01:58 pm by Juno

Good luck, hope WID ready soon. :)
Posted on 12 Aug 2007 04:43 am by AOH

The translation joke stays hilarious.
Posted on 16 Aug 2007 02:55 am by Ralph

me thinks its time to release a new update
Posted on 16 Aug 2007 01:12 pm by thegrinch103

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