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Another update... + more comics
Hey everyone, I'm just wanted to inform you all about the great progress I made today. I had some spare time and managed to finish the text seqeunces for the comic cutscenes all the way to the end! I'll still need to allign the text with the comic cutscenes themselfs (chapter 4, 5, 6 and 7... so still some work to be done there.)
However I did notice something cool, namely the fact that World In Danger features over 2.000 spoken sentences (combining sprite and comic cutscenes)! Now that ain't bad for an amateur-made game.
Tough notable is how 732 of those lines are spoken by me... :P
About 600 lines for the Colt character and the other 130 or so various other roles.

Enough random, updating... more working on WID!!

after another set original WID comics, following the events of the previous three. (with explaination) wink

One thing you should note, that these pages and the other two we're drawn by Perparim (creator of Rocket) I'm trying to explain to you what is happening, but some aspects of it weird to a point where even I'm having trouble understanding. But I have to say that this storyline written by Perparim is one of the best ever, I couldn't stop laughing everyday he showed me new pages... anyway on with the comic.

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Okay... So Rocket (now a Copyright free version of Ironman) continues battle with Copyright free un-identified coloured Surfer. Considering Rocket only has his powers, for like... 1 minute. He's already far supperior to the Surfer in all aspects, so he goes about taunting the surfer just for the heck of it.
Surfer tries to retaliate, with his Seemingly Useless Spiral Attack thingy. Rocket, not impressed at all, immediatly counters with a Gaint Dragon shaped plasma attack hitting the Surfer head on!
Down to his last strength Surfer tries to go at Rocket with melee attacks, but is quickly dealt with and defeated after being thrown against Marvel Copyrighted Galactus his crown thingy. Galactus admits his defeat and leaves... but warns of his return (Never came back tongue)

Rocket flies back to the LKTMF as Colt aplauds him for his victory. As they touch down with the LKTMF's Triple Jet Engined VTOL abilities (forgot to mention those... more features later.) Texxs asks them about Galactus, who acording to Colt went to another restaurant. (Weither or not that means the destruction of another alien race isn't really to our heroes concern... they only focus on preserving human civilasation.).
Colt introduces Rocket's new apearance as Gold Fighter (I'm assuming Rocket's new apearance is a Golden armor... since the comic is... well... Blue. I'm still not sure... I gotta as Perparim about this. Either way, the fun is soon ruined by Another Random Explosion.

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Texxs immediatly notices the Randomly Overpassing Enemy Fighter jet which they automaticly assume is responsible for the attack just now. Rocket votes to go after it, but Colt says he'll deal with this himself. So he gets into the LKTMF and follows the Jet and demands to know the identity of the pilot. Which turns out to be the 4th reincarnation of/2nd Clone of/Evil Rocket, who is taunting Colt about forgetting him... (Altough they last met three pages ago, given a timespan of about 1 hour).
Colt is sick of Evil Rocket his shit and blows him up with a heat seeking missile (Another feature of the LKTMF). Evil Rocket's ship is hit and explodes... And so Evil Rocket is written out of the comic in classic soap-style laughing
Rocket experiments with his new found ability and thinks of an apropriate Power-Ranger-like-morphing-code-word, after which he goes to Colt's house. (Which magicly apeared, since Colt only arrived on this planet yesterday and Rocket somehow knows it's location even tough being "born" today!)
Either way Colt an Texxs return home aswell and watch the Flinstones while eating chips. Colt mentions they need to assemble an army. Considering it's already late at night, Rocket suggest doing that tomorrow. As Colt leaves to hit they hay, Texxs and Rocket switch to the porn channel (It's good to know that even on this new planet, enhabited by humans only a few days earlier, porn is already available).
As night turns to day, Colt awakens early in the morning and goes check if his "Roomies" are awake. Finding them still fast asleep from they're late night porn watching section, he's insulted by Mona Lisa's smuck smile and decides to insult the painting for making fun of him (Somehow Colt owns the Mona Lisa). Colt puts on a fresh cup of joe, as Rocket is awakened by the sun. (Should actually be two suns... but who cares...)

What will happen next? Will Rocket become evil from being bothered by the sun? Will Texxs ever find a door he can walktrough without having to crouch? Will the next random explosion happen in your backyard?! Find out... On the next episode of Drag... I mean "World In Danger: Original Comics"
Posted on 04 Jun 2007 by Colt

I'm eagerly waiting for WID, when are you gonna release it? But anyway, I got pretty bored so now I'm making a PTEI 1.5 o_o.
Posted on 24 Jun 2007 09:09 am by CAuTiioN

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