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29 Nov 2007

World In Danger Update #... I forgot :P
Hey everyone who still accasionaly check out the website,

According to the statistics the most visited pages are the forums, but that was to be expected. Perhaps I'll have to look into intergrating a forum newsboard with the news index on the website(s). But that is for later on, now lets get to the update information.

It has been several weeks since the last update, this was caused by a major bug I found in the game. While test playing the game at allot of points, usually between level changes, the game got a error message and had to be restarted. Now this is ofcourse completely unacceptable, so it had to be removed. The first problem is ofcourse, what exactly is the problem. The error message didn't clearify more then "Script if hanging." Which I considered weird because I didn't have any custom Ruby Scripts for WID. Anyway, it took me these last couple of weeks to find and solve the problem. I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing from here on out, leaving only minnor errors or improvements to be done.

Be sure to check out the forums new theme, created by our very own Blackmage#1. (Who by the way is working on PTEI2.5 again... Go bm!)

Fino alla volta prossima laughing

03 Nov 2007

World In Danger Official Website!
Hey everyone,

Welcome to the new official World In Danger website. The news archive has been cleaned to only inlcude World In Danger news. The other news mostly involved PTEI, either a spin off or 2.5, so those news reports can be found on the offical ptei website. Here: http://ptei.coltgames.com

Ofcourse the both sites use the same forum and polls. The looks aren't much different either, just another banner and a different colour scheme. Other then that, i've deleted the unactive affiliates.

Looks pretty good right? wink
Especially the splash page at the site entrance made by Blackmage#1 check it if you haven't already: http://coltgames.com
Way yo go blackmage#1, excellent work.

Jusqu' la fois prochaine

21 Oct 2007

An extra feature.. Revealed!
Hey everyone, just to show some form of prgress I've decided to show one of the extra features that you can unlock after completing the game once.

The OWIDDB, or "Original World In Danger DataBase". Which is a database that contains all the information concerning the original comics also called World In Danger. As I've described before, I drew the comic together with a friend of mine during middleschool. At the end we had 200+ pages of comics, which I've all scanned and edited so they can be read. For each two to six frames I've written a description of what is going on, allong with description for which there are no frames to give an even better understanding of the story.
Also the characters, they're skills and history are described. Allong with great detail on the vehicles used in the comics.

This is what I've been working on the last couple of weeks, It requires alot of typing and picture editing. But it's going pretty fast and should be done in a little while. Thank you all for your support and the patience.

here is a screen of the OWIDDB, as an apitizer
Click To Enlarge

tot de volgende keer ;)

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