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12 Mar 2007

updated once again
Hello everyone, I'm back with an update. And like promised here is the weapons selection menu.

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Using the same sort of menu as the main and character selection menu. You'll be able to choose three weapons you want to start with in the upcoming level. Both characters are able to carry a total of six weapons, but the last three inventoryspots you can only use for in level pick up items. That's to make the game alittle harder and requires the player to also utilize the hand-to-hand combat mode if running low on ammo.
Not all weapons will be available at the beginning of the game, as you progress trough the game weapons will be unlocked.

That's all for now, perhaps another update next week.

04 Mar 2007

Making progress
Hey everyone, back again with another update. The last couple of days, whenever I have some spare time i've been working on "World In Danger". More specificly the menu's. So far the main menu and character selection are up and running. Next is the more troublesome weapon selection menu. Troublesome because of the games 54 different firearms... But for such a large arsenal, more work on a menu is worth it.

Here are screens from the menu's that work.
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In various levels you can choose which character you'd like to play. This will always accur in levels where Colt and Rocket are both working together and are both in a position to fight the enemy. There are situations and sometimes even intire chapters where the playable character can't be chosen because of the storyline.

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The main menu itself, ment to look like your using an operating system like windows. Choosing options opens new windows, mouse moves between objects, ect. windows like.
And yes the chapter names have been censored, to avoid event the slightest possibility of a storyline spoiler.

Thats all, next week or the week after that (or latter depending on my spare time) I'll post screens of the weapons selection menu which at that point has to be done. After that I'll have to finish the extra's of the game and run a complete test of everything.

Till then.

17 Feb 2007

Finally an update, it's been sometime since I've updated the news on the website. But I finally got some time and so I can do some work on World In Danger again. Altough progress is still slow, the end of it all is near.

Just to show some sign of this project still being alive, a new screen!

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Yet another comicstyle-cutscene screenshot. Observend viewers will note the incredible increase in art quality, when compared to the previewsly posted comicstyle-cutscene screenshot. There is an easy explaination, this is drawn by a really good artist, Aoikiwi. She agreed to draw the comics for the last chapter of the game, for which I will be eternaly greatfull.
Check her deviant gallery if your curious about the art style.

Thats all for now.

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