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30 May 2007

More comics!
Thanks for the support everyone, as reward some more original wid comics! wink

As for progress on World In Danger, it's still going great. I got the majority of the voice acting in the comic scene sorted and perfectly timed with the subtitles and comic scene actions. It sounds easy and simple, but trust me it isn't!. And it is certainly worth the effort, all it needs are alittle more background effects and a proper music track and it's like a real movie. I'll be doing the music after finishing the scenes... It won't be long now, the finish line is coming in sight! (No promises on exact release dates tough, but I'm giving it my best and most of my spare time.)

Now more World In Danger comics, three this time! Once I've never shown online before. Al large part of the art is credited to my good friend Perparim, who is the creator behind the "Rocket" character, so 50% responsible for World In Danger exsisting... So you can't put all the blame on me for all this madness tongue

Again watching the comics, while reading the description is the best way to fully understand it all. The full sized pictures are alittle larger then the previous comic... so please be gentle with Naught Caliburs (our host)'s bandwidth.

Click To Enlarge

The first frame mights seem a bit odd, it's because RT Texxs (still worlds tallest man) was about to shoot the second clone and 5th reincarnation of Rocket when Colt stops him. And pointed out that this reincarnation isn't evil. But the Evil one (first clone and 4th reincarnation of Rocket) is roaming arround outside the cloning complex, which Colt considers a more apropriate target. Colt goes outside, trough a door not high enough for Texxs so he ends up being the first one to spot the evil Rocket. Who was Aimlessly roaming arround for no apparent reason... (seriously! I have no idea what evil rocket was doing there). After Colt shoots Evil Rocket's glasses of his face, Rocket leaves... but promises to be back again. Meanwhile both Good Rocket and Texxs made there way out of the complex and join Colt to see something even more menacing! Namely a Large hose, attacking itself to the planet and eating it. With Texxs scared shitless, Colt and Good Rocket decide to immediatly take a counter offensive with the LKTMF. After exiting Alpha Prime's atmosphere (remember this isn't Earth; Colt, RT, Rocket and the rest of the human civilasation just moved here... since the Earth was destroyed, see previous comic for details.) they see that the hoses are connected to a gigantic UFO. Still not taking shit from anyone, Colt prepares to make a little light.

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And with light I mean a 200 megaton Anti-Anything Cruise Missile. Altough it has little more effect on the UFO then shaking it a bit. Which makes the owner, Galactus(google him if you don't know him) rather upset. The LKTMF's onboard computer VEGA informs the heroes that, the UFO is charging weapons. So colt jamms the thruttle of the LKTMF into overdrive and blast the ship to safety just in time. As the circular wave weapon fired by the UFO destroys about the half of this solar system. Meanwhile, the UFO goes on happily "eating" the planet. Considering themselfs outgunned, Colt calls for a support ship Earth Vector Zero(no relevant meaning) to upgrade the LKTMF.
Earth Vector Zero was actually a research ship owned by the very original baddish/goodish Rocket, it was send into space together with the original Rocket who was banished from Earth by Colt (Rocket wasn't killed for his crimes, since he did help stop an alien invasion). But later he came back to earth to help Colt fight another alien invasion... after that it drifted into space, doing nothing but making news weapons and robots to help Colt and Rocket.
After the LKTMF is upgraded with Delta Beam(see previous post for details), it destroyes the UFO's main "eating" hose and really catches the attention of Galactus. Who threatens to destroy the planet if the persons responsible don't show themselfs. Colt and Rocket quickly activate a large image projector to project themselfs in space in fromt of Galactus, so they can have a "normal" conversation.

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They plead to Galactus not to destroy there planet, because they got it brand new! (Colt arrived here yesterday and Rocket was cloned early in the morning. The rest of human civilisation arrived alittle earlier and had no trouble completely rebuilding Earth... only with everything named "New")
Galactus isn't impressed and wants to sends his Surfer(Mind you the colour of the surfer isn't specified, but most of you can gues what it is) to destroy Colt and Rocket.
Rocket stops Galactus and asks for a fair fight, between him and the surfer. Galactus is intrested in this proposal and agrees. But for it to be a fair fight, Rocket argues that he should become something like the surfer. (Apearantly both Colt and Rocket are forgetting they are on a virtually indestructable spacecraft, with an unlimited suply of planet destroying anti-anything cruise missiles... So it's debatable who's side is at a dissadvantage.)
Again Galactus agrees and proceeds into methamorphing Rocket into Surfer like (think Iron Man... Marvel and stuff) superhero. The surfer and Rocket enter battle with Galactus (acording to Colt, large asshole) as cheering squad for surfer and Colt cheering on Rocket. Since Rocket incarnation #2 and #3 we're actually cyborgs, he has no problem adapting to his new abilities and keeping up with the Surfers level.

How will it end... maybe more next time wink

29 Apr 2007

Keeping alive
Hi everyone who is still checking this site.

Just here to say that World In Danger is still in progress and going pretty good lately. I'm really looking forward to finishing it and releasing it. But there is still much work to be done.
I'm about halfway through the comic cutscenes, directing them, editing them to look good in the game.

After that I still need to work on the extra's, which include a full retelling of the original World In Danger comicbook written by me and a friend dating back to 1997. It'll be a great laugh since the stories are hilarious because of my own shear studipity when drawing them. :P

I have a sample right here, I wanted to post one noone has ever seen before, but my newly aquired Canon MP180 doesn't want to scan for some reason (and is going back to the store asap). Anyway here is the sample, some of you who were with us at "TheFaction" and/or "Caliburgames" might remember this one.... or not, I'm not sure which ones I posted there :P

Click To Enlarge

I'll try to explain the situation, it would be wise to watch the comic while having this description next to it:

Colt and Rocket (Rocket's good clone to be precise) are called to World Army HQ, by they're friend and subbordinate RT Texxs (tallest man alive 2,3 meters or 7' 6"). He informs them about a message they received from a random alien general, who wants to notify the heroes about the fact that they and the rest of the human population are in his race they're teritory.
(This isn't Earth by the way, that got blown up by the third reincarnated evil cyborg Rocket. Luckally Colt, who just got back out of an alternate timeline where he prevented WWII, and together with Adolf Hitler junior build a large space craft called "Atlantis" where the intire population of earth could fith into. Saved the people and brought them to Alpha Prime in the Alpha Centoury galaxy where they exactly rebuild everything on Earth only adding "New" at the beginning of each name.)
Naturally Colt doesn't take shit from anyone and send General Alvar a message back, basicly telling him to fuck off. The general gets pissed and orders all his troops to attack the planet. RT, informs Colt they are only two days away. Not enough time to make an army of fighter space craft and train an army of pilots... they'll need atleast three days to do that. So Colt decides to delay them a bit by fighting them with his own Space Shuttle, the L.K.T.M.F.
(Stands for Let's Kill That Mother Fucker and was originally designed to blast astroids and comets to pieces. Thanks to it's "Leviathan" engine it's capable of doing speeds up to seven times the speed of light, virtually indestructable considering it rammed one of the moons of Jupiter to pieces during it's collision course with Earth and still was in one piece; Armed with a seemingly unlimited suply of three different type of kwantonium cruise missiles differing from a strenght of 200 megaton "Onix" to a complete planet destroyer "Onix Omega". Not to mention an All destroying laser cannon the "Delta-Beam" and a set of 30mm vulcan cannons. It also has four point sports seatbelts and cupholders for two :D).

See and that's just one page! Considering the fact that the whole comic series easally comes up to 500+ pages!! laughing

03 Apr 2007

Update on progress
Hey everyone still checking this site for updates. And since your reading this, you've probably noticed that there is a new update, since this is the update. tongue

Anyway, just to assure everyone I'm still working on World In Danger every chance I get here is a new screenshot of one of the comic cutscenes.
Like I said there is progress, slow but steady.

Click To Enlarge

More on the cutscenes in the game:
For those who don't know it yet, this games has full voice acting. Every cutscene, every enemy, ect. has voice acting. Not just by me, but also by a group of amateur voice actors who auditioned for several parts. Some special credit on this department goes to Naughty Calibur. Who himself has several roles in the game, including ofcourse his own personification in the game. And also for helping me out with selecting the voice actors for each role.

On extra note, the voiceacting for Colt is done by me and the voice acting for Rocket is done by his original character creator (from the original World In Danger comic) and personal friend of mine.

That's all folks, till next time.

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