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World In Danger originated as a comic book, drawn by myself and a friend of mine. This is also the origin of the Colt character, who is the protagonist in the Pokémon the Evil Inside series. Of course Colt wasn’t the only leading character in the World In Danger comic books; No he was joined by robotics genius Rocket. These two we’re originally arch enemies, but eventually joined forces… well, it was actually the 5th reincarnation and 2nd clone of the original Rocket character that joins Colt in the fight against evil.

One of the original world in danger comics.

The comic books ended up with 7-8 books full of drawings, easily adding up to 250 pages of comics. Since it was mainly a means of passing time during middle school, the comic drawing came to a stop once me and my friend finished middle school. Over the course of the years afterwards, I’ve tried to started drawing World In Danger comics again. But they never got further then the first two pages.
I’ve also tried to create games based on World In Danger, even before RPG Maker 2000 existed. Using the old fashioned way of completely coding the game and my (then) beginner skills in computer graphics, I went ahead and made several small unfinished games. But it wasn’t until I got to know RPG Maker 2000, for me to get into game making.

An early attempt of creating a World In Danger game. Using RPG Maker 2000

Al tough RPG Maker 2000, was meant to make, role playing games; I liked the perspective the game maker offered (top view/slightly angled, four directional movement). It reminded me of earlier concepts I made, which I wanted to completely code myself. But with RPG Maker 2000, I already had the base I needed for my game ideas. The only thing it missed, was a shooting system.
Since RPG Maker 2000 was just released, there we’re no tutorials to follow, so I was on my own in creating a shooting system. After some experimenting, I actually managed to make a really robust shooting system, WITHOUT using switches or variables! This system became the base of my first complete and published game; Pokémon The Evil Inside 1

Pokemon, The Evil Inside 1. Follows Colt's adventure trough the pokemon world, currently infested with evil, world dominating pokemon.

After Pokémon The Evil Inside 1, I began work on it’s sequel. And with the help of fellow gamemaker Blackmage#1, we created a great action adventure game for RPG Maker 2000. Pokémon, The Evil Inside 2.

Pokemon The Evil Insde 2, The Three Werepokemon. The sequel to Pokemon The Evil Inside 1's story, but on a completely new level of gameplay.

When I showed the games to my friend, the one who also drew the comics; He suggested we should do a game about our comics. We brainstormed for days, coming up with several stories and several concepts. Al tough my friend had a very hard time, getting free time to help out. The project came of the ground and after a couple of months work, the first playable alpha demo was showed and played by the people of the former caliburgames.com forums. With they’re support and input, the game continued to improve.

And now after about 2 years, it’s almost done. And almost ready to be released to the public.


A short history lesson on the what World In Danger is.